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       ...this site is [under construction] dedicated for my
      SHARP Zaurus SL-C760
           SHARP Zaurus SL-C760 [model name: husky]

    <zaurus - nerds best friend>
      the fact it runs a full linux compatible operating systems for ARM* based Intel® XScale PXA255 Processor allows you to port the most linux based security tools (nmap) to embedded system and use them in any time of your life... ;o)
      *ARM = 16/32-bit embedded advanced RISC microprocessor

      well, theres not much to say... ;o))
      if you are real programmamator [coder] you surely own a kind of stable operating system ('cause why a zaurus?) and have some experience using a compiler or other development tools.
      the next step would be get a toolchain [set of compiler, libs and tools needed for crosscompiling (porting) software to different (hardware) architectures].
      here is a nice gcc toolchain for Intel® XScale PXA255 Processor [Developers Manual]
      after installing this and trying your first "hello world", start porting your software to ARM plattform
      maybe you want to compile your own linux kernel or a module i strongly recommend you to read the stuff from The ARM Linux Project and join the linux-arm-kernel mailinglist.
      cross compiling nmap to arm-linux [soon]
      porting linux software to ARM [soon]

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